Fairfax Falcons 
Paralympic Sports 
About Us
Mission Statement
  • Provide adolescents under the age of 22 with a wide variety of sports experiences, teamwork, social skills, and fitness skills.


  •  Individuals aged 4 -22 who have not graduated high school, and who have an irreversible lower extremity disability, such as paralysis, amputation, radiological evidence of limb shortening, spina bifida, a spinal cord injury, or cerebral palsy may participate. 
  • Athletes compete in wheelchairs for most sports, however not all athletes use wheelchairs outside of sports.  All players must be able to push their own wheelchair. 
  • The program is open to Fairfax County and non-county residents.  An additional fee will be charged to non-county residents.


Levels of Play

  • Novice - Athletes ages 8 and under, focus on development of chair skills, communication, and ball handling
  • Prep - Athletes 13 and under, 8.5 foot hoop, 27.5 inch basketball, no back court press, all other NCAA rules apply
  • Varsity - Athletes 18 and under (or high school graduation), 10 foot hoop, regulation size ball, all NCAA rules apply


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